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Baek Ye Rin - アルバム [Every letter I sent you.]
Baek Ye Rin - アルバム [Every letter I sent you.]

Baek Ye Rin - アルバム [Every letter I sent you.]

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  • ポイント 22
  • 発売日 2020-01-13 | GD00041605
  • 入荷予定日2020-09-15
  • 注文履歴 920

Baek Ye Rin - アルバム [Every letter I sent you.] ...


JPY 1,999

Baek Ye Rin
Album [Every letter I sent you.]
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- Booklet : 92p
- 2CD
- Postcard : Random 1p out of 5p

 1) Intro
2) Rest
3) Popo (How deep is our love?)
4) can i b u
5) Meant to be
6) Mr.gloomy
7) lovelovelove
8) Bunny
9) 0310
1) Berlin
2) Datoom
3) Not a girl
4) Newsong2
5) Amy
6) True lover
7) Point (ft. Loopy)
8) Square (2017)
9) London

내가 너에게 보냈던 모든 편지들.
이번 앨범은 19살부터 23살까지 제 생각과 고민, 추억들이 담겨있어요. 정확한 주소가 있진 않았지만 꾸준히 제 마음을 곡에 담아 부치곤 했는데, 이제 여러분들에게 정말로 보낼 수 있게 되어 기쁘네요! 그 동안 저의 성장을 지켜봐 주시고 애정해주신 분들께 감사하는 마음을 담았습니다.
사랑을 담아, 예린 올림.
Every letter I sent you.
This album reflects memories, dilemmas, and thought processes I had from when I was nineteen to twenty three. With no specific address, I’ve been mailing my feelings in form of songs. And I’m really glad that I can finally mail them to you all. This album is my way of thanking everyone who has been loving me and supporting my journey as a musician.
Lots of love
  • 商品名: Baek Ye Rin - アルバム [Every letter I sent you.]
  • 原産地: Korea
  • 製造/輸入: (주)드림어스컴퍼니 (주)드림어스컴퍼니
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